Didnt see dr. barry today because of stupid ptsd symptoms

I was meant to see dr. barry today. since eileen is away we were meant to have an extra appointment. but i was so exhausted this morning that i didnt go. i did get up at like 6 or there abouts, had coffee, took a shower, booked my taxi, but then i started having a lot of ptsd symptoms and couldnt get outt of the house. so i canceled the taxi and went back to bed. i was feeling very disappointed with myself, because i hate to miss seeing dr. barry. i did phone her office and spoke to her secretary and she gave me another appointment for next wednesday. but i needed her today. why does ptsd always have to ruin everything?
carol anne


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

20 thoughts on “Didnt see dr. barry today because of stupid ptsd symptoms”

  1. It is normal to feel the way you feel. Disappointed in yourself but you shouldn’t. You did the best you could for this day. You will go on another day. PTSD is so fickle. I know your pain. I’ve cancelled many appointments because of it, but was reassured that it was okay and I did the best I could do for that day. So don’t be hard on yourself. ~Tina

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  2. Damn PTSD is right. It’s not fair, is it? You did the best you could, sometimes PTSD just messes things up, but you aren’t a failure. I’m sorry you missed your appointment and that it was a rough day. Hugs. Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow. Xx

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    1. Thanks Alice. I’m feeling a lot better now in myself so that’s good. Progress. Hopefully tomorrow will be good and next week I will go to my appointment and things will be fine Doctor Barry will understand that I couldn’t make it this week, she is good that way as understanding things like that XXX


  3. Ooh it’s so sad. You’re not having the support from Eileen now so it must be the more painful to you that you didn’t saw Dr Barry. Really sad and frustrating, I get it. And maybe your PTSD symptoms were so acute also due to Eileen absence? It could be so in my opinion. I believe these symptoms had to be really really bad if you decided to not go, I know that apts with Dr Barry are important to you all and that so many of you like her. So the more I’m sorry about that. But even if it’s really bad news, that you couldn’t visit her, I think you did right, you’d maybe be even more exhausted after this appointment, it would be challenging with so bad symptoms to go out, so you shouldn’t be disappointed with yourself. Other than that, you shouldn’t be disappointed because it all just isn’t your fault. It was just a situation and you couldn’t change it. If you could, you’d do it. Who on Earth prefers to struggle with PTSD symptoms and give up when can get rid of them and do what he/she has planned and wants to do? Don’t be too critical towards yourself ’cause you hadn’t a big influence on that what happened, though to be honest if I was you, I’d probably also criticise myself and be very very frustrated, it’s sometimes hard to not do it. It’s a big pity that you can’t see her a bit earlier, you must wait the whole week and I know it’s long, it’s always long when you need something very much and must wait and wait for it.
    Lots of support, as much as you need, I’m not DR Barry and probably can’t help and support you as effectively as she or Eileen does, but hope this support will help. 🙂

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  4. So sorry you had to miss your appointment with Dr Barry which was made worse by the fact that you don’t have Eileen to support you at the moment 😦 I know you don’t get any warning with PTSD symptoms – they just hit you out of the blue sometimes and ruin everything. It’s hard too that you can’t see Dr Barry until next week either – it must feel like it’s ages away – I hope time goes quickly and that you don’t have to cope with too much distress before then.

    I’m glad to read from your comments above though that you are feeling a bit better now. Stay strong, my friend, Ellie xxx ❤

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