thursday was good, got some good news, and helped a friend, also got new books too

todays been good. my pa came this morning. as usual she was early, i was barely awake when she arrived. that was ok though, i’m used to her being early by now. if she was late i’d be shocked. i had breakfast, i kinda didnt stick to my healthy foods today, i had sausage and hash browns that needed to be used up so i got her to cook those for me. then i got in the shower while she started cleaning. she vacumed, mopped the floors, made the bed, cleaned the kitchen, etc. all while i was showering, getting my hair dried etc. lol we make a great team.
we chatted then for a while. we mostly chatted about dogs. she is a huge dog lover and well so am i and we just chatted about our dogs. then i got her to go to the store for me because i felt really thirsty, i mean i was like if i dont get a drink soon i’ll die kinda thirsty lol. and i had a craving for coke. luckily there is a store 5 mins away from where i live. she she got me my fix.
then i started checking email. i got some good news. clodagh who is in charge of the independent living skills course at abode, which is where i was on respite last week, emailed me to tell me she had put my application before the assessment panel and it was approved. the bad news is that the one apartment that is used for someone who is on the course is being used right now, so it means i wouldnt be able to live there while i completed the course. i wont be starting right away either, the earliest i’ll be starting is in july. and the latest i could be offered a place would be next March. it really depends on when my name comes to the top of the waiting list.
i was so happy though to get her email. i also got an email from the chairperson whose on the bord of directors at shine. i was a member of the bord for the past 2 years. i recently decided to step down from being on the bord, because i felt i wasnt in the right emotional space to do the work it required. he wrote me a nice letter which was emailed to me today. he said very nice things in it and thanked me for the work and time i put into being on the bord.
when i got done checking email kristen dropped me to my parents house. and i’ll be here now until sunday. the rest of my day was chillaxed. i didnt get up to much. talked to mom for a while, then she went grocery shopping with my sister, i stayed home with my dad and the kiddos. had a long talk with my dad about his ongoing bowel problems. he’s seeing the gastroenterologist tomorrow. he’s been vomiting and had diarrhea all week and has already been to his gp twice about it. they’ve sent stool samples to the lab and he’s waiting for results of those to come back, they are thinking he’s gotten a bug in hisbowel. he already has an ulcerated colon, leesions on it which so far they’ve done nothing about. i’m hopeful this gastro doc will do something for him soon.
my friend rose also texted me this afternoon to say she was waiting in the psych ward to be assessed, she went there because she felt suicidal. i chatted via text with her for a while. she is one of dr. barrys patients too. the junior doc on dr. barrys team saw her and he went and spoke with dr. barry after asking her a ton of questions. however she was sent home with a referral to the home base crisis team, she was really angry with dr. barry, saying to me that she feels dr. barrys avoiding her, i asked her if she honestly believed that? she kept saying yes that she’s proved it over and over. I said but i thought you got along with dr. barry and liked her? apparently she doesnt.
the rest of my evening i just ordered some new books on audible, watched some tv, and that was about it. i ordered a book called but inside i’m screaming. it looks really good. about a journalist who ends up in a psych ward and has to come to terms with her past and find herself. i also orders a book by elizabeth ford about her work in belville hospital in new york, she is a psychiatrist, and wrote about her work with the patients of bellview. i’m looking forward to reading both of those soon.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

11 thoughts on “thursday was good, got some good news, and helped a friend, also got new books too”

  1. Sounds like a good day. It also goes to show that one therapist doesn’t fit all. Maybe Rose and Dr. Barry just don’t click. Can she switch to someone else if things really don’t go well?

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  2. Sounds like you’ve had a very busy but fairly positive day which is good 🙂 I hope your name comes up to the top of the list soon so you can complete your course. Glad you had a good time at your mum and dad’s place too. Hope your dad gets some proper help from the gastro doc so that he starts to feel better soon. Hope your friend is improving with the help of the crisis team even though she is angry with Dr Barry. Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to cope when we ask for help and we either don’t get it or we get the wrong sort of help. It can be very frustrating as well as upsetting. Your choice of books sound good – hope you enjoy reading them. Take care, Ellie xxx

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  3. It’s nice that you had so good day. Still hope your Dad isn’t really seriously ill or at least that from now he’ll only get better, ’cause it looks quite seriously, it’s really frustrating when someone from your close family is ill and you can do nothing. It’s really great news, I think this course is a really good idea and can be useful for you. And these books sound really interesting.

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