19 thoughts on “Question of the day on May 19”

  1. I do believe in inner strength. I think some have more than others but I believe we all have inner strength to some degree. Mustering it up sometimes is super difficult.

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  2. Of course, definitely! If we hadn’t inner strength, we’d be unable to survive in more difficult or traumatic situation. Some people have more of it, some less, but definitely everyone has it. One of my friends, who have experienced a few very hard situations told me that after every overwhelming and difficult experience she had, she felt like all the strength left her, but after some time she felt like she has even more inner strength and she believes that lots of people have so that the more they experience, the more strong they are, there must be something in it.

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  3. Yes. It is the power of what is inherently within us, within spirit, but only if it is part of and congruent with who we are. It may elude us if it is not for us – the universe’s way of telling us you’re going in the wrong direction and to try something else. Your GPS, if you like, and is your connection with ‘one’.

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  4. Absolutely! Most people like to repress it out of fear of having big dreams but failing in the end, and others who struggle with issues like depression feel that they’re all out of strength (and that’s even if they felt like they ever had it in the first place).

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