Eurovision song contest

the eurovision song contest is on tv. those of you who are in the US wont know what that is. basically its a contest where all the countries in europe and a couple more submit a song and then battle it out to see who will win and then the winner hosts the competition the next year. i dont normally watch it but my parents are watching so i did watch it for a few minutes. it was boring though. the ucraine is hosting it this year. i think the voting is fixed anyway, all the countries that surround each other always vote for each other. years ago it was about the songs and the meaning behind them but now the songs are shit the artists are more about who can be the most flamboyant or extravagant on stage etc. its not about the song any more. ireland has won the eurovision 7 times. i remember as a kid we’d watch and it was always so much fun. people still have eurovision parties nowadays though, apparently its still a huge deal for some people. i just have no interest in it any more. ireland did try to qualify this year but we havent been successful in a couple of years now. when i was watching it and i heard some of the shit that was in it i was like how did we not make it in, how did certain songs get through! it doesnt make any sense to me. i liked the netherlands song. portugal was topped to win i think, either portugal or belgium. if ireland had have been in it i might have had more interest in it.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Eurovision song contest”

  1. who won….?

    i’ve not watched it since 2012, but before then I used to watch it every year

    I’m surprised the irish didn’t qualify, arn’t they meant to be the country who have won the most times?

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  2. Yeah, I agree with you, nowadays Eurovision isn’t as good as it was before in my opinion. I actually didn’t plan to watch it, I rarely do it, but yesterday at the evening I listened to one of Swedish radiostations, I do it often just to improve my Swedish, and they transmitted Eurovision at this time, so I listened to it for some time. Well, I must say that you’re right that now artists mainly focus on their appearance and extravagancy, not the song they perform. I liked some of these songs, for example Dutch and Armenian were good, though nothing really special, I think. Though yeah, people still like it across the Europe and arrange Eurovision parties or barbecues, so I guess some people might really like it, or maybe they just find it like an opportunity to meet with friends.

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  3. I did a quick post on the ESC too, I mixed it up with a little drinking game a couple years back. Every time the UK didn’t get a point, I would drink a shot. It made it more bearable xD

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