Gathering at the basement club, yoga, house alarm is fixed, and volunteering

i’ve had a pretty good day all things considered. like i said earlier i got up at 6:30 AM. Did my work out. Ate fruit for breakfast. Then went to the basement club at 9:30.
I was the only one in there for the first half hour. So I got the staffs undivided attention. That was nice. I sat talking to colette and drinking my coffee. Then at about 10 AM other members started arriving and the place started to fill up.
We were having a little celebration which was starting at 12. It was for all of those who were involved in any way with the book and the publishing of the book. There was food and people read their poetry and stories that were in the book.
It was really nice. I had forgotten to braille out one of my pieces so I had one of the other members read it on my behalf. Bruno who was the staff member who was in charge of organising the book spoke and thanked myself and the other members who’d been on the committee.
We had dedicated the book to a member who had passed away suddenly last year of a heart attack. People said what they liked about the book. I couldnt stay for all of the party because I had therapy so I left after about an hour, but I did have some yummy chicken tika wraps for lunch.
One of the members gave me a whole bunch of dvd’s which was so kind of him. They are mostly chick flick and commedies and I love those sorta movies. He said he’d give me more if I wanted them. I told him only if he was finished with them.
Also this morning I rang a yoga instructor about setting up an appointment. I’ve wanted to do yoga for a while now. I havent ever tried it before but some of the blogs I read have great things to say about it mostly my friend over at courageous yoga chick’s blog and my other blogger friend over at ambivalence girls blog. I rang this really nice girl named reena. I told her I was blind and a beginner and asked her a little about how she taught. She said she’d go at my pace, at where I was at, we’d explore my body, relaxation, breathing, and different beginner poses. She charges 50 euro per session and thats for an hour. The best thing is she does home visits. So I told her I’d text her at the end of the month and we could set something up. I said I’d start with one session and see how it goes and if I like it then maybe I could do 2 a month or something. She told me that my being blind would be an advantage because seeing someone do things makes you have a different experience of it than if you didnt see someone demonstrate it.
When I got home from the basement club the guy that was fixing my house alarm came over. He wasnt even here 5 minutes. He said the alarm only needed to be reset and that no batteries were low so they didnt need replacing. I offered him money for doing the job but he said no, it was ok. I thought that was pretty cool of him.
I face timed with my friend sarah. She’s doing well and has just moved house. Then I opened my email and there was an email from the co-ordinator of a place I’d applied to volunteer. She asked me if I wanted to meet on Friday morning at 11 to talk about me coming on board as a volunteer. I jumped at the chance. If I get the volunteer position I’ll be answering phones, and doing admin work. It is at a place called cork city partnership. They work in the community running camps and courses and they also run the friendly call service that I applied to a while back. So thats all good, and I’m looking forward to going to talk to her.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Gathering at the basement club, yoga, house alarm is fixed, and volunteering”

  1. Iam very glad you’re having so good day and had a good time at the basement club. Hope that tomorrow will be also good for you. 🙂

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