Frustrating morning

I’m having a furstrating morning. I didnt sleep good. I had nightmares all night. I had some phone calls to make this morning, I had to call housing maintanence because I think I have a wasps nest outside my bedroom window. My mom has seen a lot of wasps over my window but they are also over the windows of the 2 houses either side of me so it doesnt necessarily mean they are outside my house. But I said I’d call maintanence and try and have someone come out and take a look t see whats going on. So well I started calling at 9 AM. And do ya think I could get through to them? Not a hope. I left two messages stating that I am blind and very nervous and could someone please call me back because I need someone to come out and look at this for me. By 10:30 I still hadnt gotten a call back. So I called again. Eventually I got through to someone. She told me that my local city council dont usually deal with wasps and bee hives, that that would be up to me to deal with. She said I’d have to get pest control to look at it for me. Then she said since I was blind she’d passed my message on to the person in charge, and they may come look at it for me. I hope so because I am terrified of wasps! If there is a nest outside my house or any of the houses near me I want it gone! I hate how when you try to call maintanence you can never get through, and when you do eventually get through they act like your an inconvenience. All she had to do was call me back and let me know she had gotten the messages. But no, she couldnt even do that. Then I also had to call dr. Barrys secretary and try to get an appointment. I called her yesterday to ask her if my appointment was in for next wednesday the 10th because I hadnt gotten any letter about it. She said no it wasnt, but that she’d been off for two days, and since everything is computerised now that the doctor putting in the referral wouldnt have been able to put in the info, that he’d need to wait for her to get back to do it. Yeah like it would have been nice to have been told that. So she said she’d call me today once she spoke to dr. Barry about it. Well there was no sign of her calling this morning so I decided to take the initiative and ring her back. Well I shouldnt have bothered. She was very irritated with me on the phone. She was like, dr. Barry has just walked in so I havent had a chance to speak to her yet, I’ll get back to you when I do, in this really sarcastic tone. I hung up and was like OMG your being a bitch for no reason! So yeah really had a morning of it with phoning people. Have therapy in 2 hours. Cant wait to get there and offload.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

11 thoughts on “Frustrating morning”

  1. Oh how annoying! Lack of common sense and courtesy drives me up the wall, how frustrating for you 😣. Don’t take her response personally, if she was in a happy place then she’d have been able to just empathise with you and reassure you, she might be having a bad day, or might just be having a bad life. Hope you get it sorted soon, enjoy your session xx

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  2. ugh! i hate phone days. i always have trouble like that when i have to deal with people over the phone. sometimes i think it must be how i speak or sound. but this is something i always have issues with as well. so sorry you had such a frustrating morning. hopefully now that the phone calls are settled you can go back to having a better day. hope you get the wasps sorted out!

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  3. Oh it must be really frustrating. I hate wasps as wel, it’s maybe not a very huge fear, but even though is big and I would feel very uncomfortable with wasps’ nest near me, so I get it. It’s really hard when you feel like you’re inconvinience to someone. Great that you have therapy today, maybe seeing Eileen will help you all to feel better.

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  4. Calling maintenance is alwayhs an iffy proposition. I hope they take into consideration that you are blind and really need someone to come out and look around and deal with the wasps.

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    1. I got a call on my phone yesterday from an unknown number but I was in therapy at the time and couldn’t answer I hope that wasn’t them trying to call me, moving ring back this morning hope so


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