other weekend thoughts

so my mood is good since i got out of the hospital. yesterday i went to the basement club in the morning. i hadnt slept at all so wasnt sure whether i should attempt to go out, but i decided that i needed to not isolate and so i went for about 4 hours. i had an appointment in the afternoon so decided i’d just go for the morning. our buses are on strike around the country right now, so it was pretty quiet in there. lots of people who use the basement club also use the bus to get there. there were a few of us in there though. i treated the kids to a donut from the donut shop across the street. they wanted a peanut butter and chocolate one which was so so messy but oh so good. came home around 1 pm, got stuck in crazy traffic on the way home so was stuck in the car for half an hour. had an appointment to meet the pa who is covering next week for kristen at 2. however she didnt get to me until 2:30 because she too was stuck in traffic. the co-ordinator of the irish wheelchair association came with her to introduce her to me. the meeting went well. she seems nice. i basically went over what i would need her to do for me and what times i would need her to cover and on what days. she seems really friendly and seems like she will have good work ethic which is good. we shall see i guess when tuesday comes if she does or not. once they left i had left over pizza for dinner and then i crashed. slept for most of the rest of friday evening. i suppose thats what a run of no sleep for days on end will do to you. i never sleep good when i am in hospital and besides the one or two nights where i did get good sleep while i was in there i did not sleep well the rest of the time. anyway woke up in the middle of the night to a text from my friend rose. she said she was struggling to sleep, her thoughts were racing, and she felt lonely, and asked me to ring her if i got the text. so i did, and we talked for about 2 hours. then i went back to sleep for another couple hours, and woke up to my mom calling me to tell me we would be going to the beach later so to get ready and get a taxi to their house. the weekend team were meant to call me but they never did. i waited the whole day and no call came. i dont know why. i could have called them but i didnt bother. i will talk to dr. Barry on wednesday and see what went wrong. my guess is that obviously someone forgot to do up the referral form and it never got faxed in. so yeah. i suppose i’ll have to manage until wednesday with the help of my other supports. i think i can do that. i was a little bit disappointed that they never called but not overly so. its the second time this has happened to me though. dr. barry will probably be very apologetic when i tell her what happened. its not her fault, i’m sure she gave the job of the referral to one of her juniors and they forgot. a simple mistake. i guess its just a good thing i have other supports to fall back on. if i was only depending on them as my only avenue of support i’d be screwed.

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Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

10 thoughts on “other weekend thoughts”

  1. I’m glad you do have other supports and also that your mood has been good. Do all the littles like the same kinds of things to eat or do some like things that the others don’t. I always have to chuckle because when Darina pops out, it has to do with something she enjoyed eating! (smile)

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  2. I’m glad your mood is good and you are getting out (despite the strike).

    It’s weird that the order for your care team wouldn’t go through. You’d think they’d be super careful about that. After all, people count on them to get it right, to show up when needed. It’s great you have other supports, but what if you didn’t? I bet there are others who don’t. It will be good to mention it to Dr. Barry so maybe she can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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    1. Oh don’t worry, I will be mentioning it to her, I will be talking to her on Wednesday a lot about it, it’s the second time it’s happened to me and I don’t want to happen again


  3. glad you went out even though you hadn’t slept. That’s awful about the bus strike. I would be screwed if I didn’t have public transportation as I can’t afford Uber or a taxi to get to the places I go to. A lot of people depend on public transportation in and around Boston so I wouldn’t be the only one inconvenienced. I am glad you have other supports than weekend support.

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    1. I wish I didn’t have to depend on taxi so much. It costs me a lot. I’m glad I have all the support to, I’m lucky I have very good friends and Eileen and Doctor Barry. XXX


  4. I’m glad you have other supporters. I was a certified nurse aide many years ago and it was always hard to get people to show up to work. I would often have to work double shifts because my replacement didn’t show up. Relying on others can be a real pain in home health care situations. I hope most your supporters don’t put you through any hassles. I’m glad to hear you are getting some sleep! Let me know when the next pizza party is! -Lora

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