Good day. my symptoms are improving

so i’ve had a pretty good day today. finally my symptoms are improving. i am still hearing the voices but they arent as strong, i havent had any hallucinations today. i have had a lot of flashbacks though. flashbacks of abuse, and dreams related to CSA too.
In the morning one of the student nurses called Jenny gave me a shower, she is lovely, we talked about my did and she met taylor and lexi and emily. She was so sweet to them, they really liked her especially taylor.
Jenny and another student nurse called Ann ran a quiz for us in the morning also. A lot of the patients played so we had like four teams, there werent prizes for the winners but it was good to play and get a little bit competetive. The questions were quite hard too which helped stimulate our brains!
I didnt eat lunch. I wasnt in the mood. And by then the flashbacks had started to get really bad to the point that I thought I’d vomit.
I actually did vomit later in the afternoon. I had been laying down and fell asleep. Had a horrific dream, woke up sweating and shaking. Then went in the bathroom and vomited. it was awful.
My nurse for the day was amanda, she has been my nurse since Thursday. She asked me if I needed her to give me a haldol. I had told her I was having flashbacks. She said she thought the haldol might help. And dr barry had prescribed it to me prn. So I took 5 MG of it. And it did help. Within half an hour I was much calmer.
In the afternoon jenny and Megan who is another student nurse ran a relaxation and meditation group. That was lovely. We just sat relaxing and listening to a guided imagery cd. It was really good and i got a lot out of it.
Then it was supper time. I did manage to go down to eat something. I ate bread and cheese and a yoghurt. Yoghurt is gonna come out my ears lol!
Afterwords I took a nap for an hour before mom came to visit. Mom came at around 6:30, she had to wake me up when she came in. It was nice to see her. She took all of my dirty laundry away, and she brought me some clean clothes, as well as a bag of treats yum yum.
We had a nice hour and a half together. She said she wouldnt be able to come again until later on in the week. I told her dr. barry had said that she wasnt sure how long I’d be here, that we were taking it one day at a time. She agreed that that was the best thing to do.
So thats been my day. Now I am just relaxing doing computer stuff and thats about it.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Good day. my symptoms are improving”

  1. You’ve been through a lot of rough days lately so it’s so good to hear that you’re beginning to feel a little better, that you are coping with things more positively and mostly that you’re receiving really good and caring support which is so important. Love Ellie xxx ❤

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