very productive wednesday. mom came over, went and gave the talk on mental illness, and singing lessons

so i’ve had a really busy day. but a very productive day too. i’m very happy. i’m in a real good place this evening.

this morning i woke early. well i actually never really slept. i think i went to sleep around 5:30 AM and then I woke again at 7. i got up, fed nitro, let him out and then went back to bed until 9 when the phone woke me up. my mom was calling.

she came over with my sister after they picked Davin up from preschool. i was gonna wait until they got here to shower, but then i decided to just have a shower before they came, because I knew I’d be having something to eat when they got here.

when they got here mom made me a sandwich and i had some fruit and some chips with that. mom cleaned the yard, and brushed nitro for me. she also ironed some clothes, and washed dishes. i just sat chatting to my sister.

i had ordered my taxi to pick me up at 1:30 to go to the basement club. i was meeting denise down there at 2. the taxi was actually on time which was great. i got there a couple minutes early and had time to sit down and chat for a few minutes to the members who were there.

we left at 2 and went to get a bus to take us to the college campus. the bus took ages to come, i dont know how people do it, stand around waiting for buses. its just not something i’d be up for doing. the bus was packed and nitro was kind of stressed. he wouldnt sit down. luckily we managed to get on and off the bus without any hassle or problems.

once we got to campus nitro took off. he remembered everything about it, he knew where to go, he remembered the route perfectly. i was kind of in awe of him because he hasnt taken me to college in years. maybe 3 years. but he shot down the path and denise left him guide us to where we needed to go.

the talk was good. it was called mind your mind and there were speakers from a couple of different organisations. the samaritans, shine, my mind, a woman who gave a talk on positivity and mindfulness, there was one guy talking about integrated health but he was veyr boring. he was all over the place and he was reciting poetry and trying to talk about doing this thing and that thing, it was like he was out to change the world, just very passionate about what he was doing, very animated.

denise spoke on behalf of shine. she spoke about the services that shine offers and she spoke about mental illness and the stigma surrounding it and how it was slowly changing and things were getting a bit better for people who were diagnosed.

nitro got very unsettled while we were at the talk. denise had to take him out for me a couple of times, he needed to pee and poop and then he needed water. he was panting a lot and he kept getting up wagging his tail and shaking himself. i thought people would become annoyed but nobody said anything to me about it. people were actually very kind, coming over and patting him and saying how beautiful he was and asking me questions about him.

we left at around 4:30. we were going to go for coffee and cake but I had singing lessons at 5:30 and we thought it would only be a rush so denise said she’d take us next tuesday afternoon. so i’ll have a nice slice of cake and a latte to look forward to then.

denise walked me over to my singing lessons. i thought that was really nice of her because she was not obliged to do that. she offered and i was very grateful. i got there with a couple of minutes to spare. my teacher sarah is still sick so i had a replacement teacher dee who was really nice. she put me right at ease. she did some vocal warm ups with me and then we worked on the sam smith song lay me down. it was a good lesson.

i’m home now, i’ve eaten and I’m exhausted. I had left pasta bake out for dinner, because I knew I wouldnt be in the mood to cook anything. I didnt have my home help either to cook for me. i usually will have kristen cook some dishes for me and then portion them out so i can freeze some of them for when i need dinner and have no way of cooking or nobody is coming to help me. i did cook garlic bread to go with my pasta which was scrummy. i also put a heap of cheese on it. probably not the healthiest but oh well. i enjoyed it and thats all that matters.

Off to chillax now and watch tv. Catch you all later.
carol anne


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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