Volunteering and supervision, book stuff, and other randomness

Its been a good day. I had supervision this morning which went really well. My supervisor Colette is also my mentor down at the basement club. This morning though she told me she is finishing up asmy supervisor. She is down to doing a four day week and she doesnt have the time to keep on that job of training and supervising the admin team. There are just two of us who are members and who do admin work. So the new staff member who recently started, Emily, will be taking over. Emily is the girl we hired, remember when I interviewed for a new staff member a couple months back? So I have to meet with Emily and talk to her about my role. I’ll be doing that soon. Colette said it will be good for me to work with Emily, to get to know her and also that she will bring a new pair of eyes and fresh eyes to the position and maybe she will have lots of new ideas to enhance the admin role. I hope she will. I talked this morning to colette about other things I could do as part of my role. I already do the monthly newsletter and I also do data input for the sign in sheets, and I also answer the phones. Together we decided that maybe on the 3rd Thursday of every month, I could call different organisations and let them know about our open day, which takes place on the first Friday of each month. That way our services are reaching more people. That is actually something I’d really love to do, is call up organisations and community groups and tell them about the basement club. What better person to talk to them than a member? Other than all that supervision was uneventful. I told Colette that last week I had taken a break in the middle of my shift, because I had inputted 13 days worth of data and my head was melting. She was ok with me doing that and said if I need to take a break to just let staff know so that someone will get the phone if it rings. She said though that I need to take care of myself. I was talking to her about possibly going to work part time, and she said that definitely I should go for it. She said I’d be invaluable in an organisation and I had a great skill set. That was lovely to hear. She said she’d give me a reference if I needed it since I have completed 30 hours of volunteering now. After supervision I did an hour volunteering and then we had a committee meeting about the creative writing booklet. I will be editing our booklet, which is going to be 50 pages in length. 8 pages are to be art though. Even the staff have each got a piece of writing in the book. I have to wait for Bruno to collate all the stories and poems and put them all in one document. Then I will sit down with another member and make all the changes that our creative writing teacher said to make when she proof read it yesterday. There isnt a whole lot that she said we should change. We also need to change fonts, bold and italicise titles and auths etc. Do a contents page, copyright page, etc. It seems like a lot to do but I’m sure it really isnt. We are launching the book in April, on April 13th. We’re having the launch in the local city library with food and members art, music etc. It will be awesome and I am super excited about it. Cathy our creative writing teacher said she’d put it out to all of her contacts on twitter, and she said the staff in the library will also put the word out to a lot of people. Then there will be also us down at the basement club, who will put the word out to friends and family and professionals dealing with mental health. So I’m sure a lot of people will come. It is all very exciting. I think we are only printing 100 copies of the book though. Thats all our budget will allow for. Its great to be involved in this project though. And I cant wait for the next creative writing class to begin either. I’m definitely signing up for it. I am starting a stress management course next Monday evening from 7:30 until 10 PM. Its run by a local organisation cork social and health education project. They run short courses in things like stress management, art therapy, mindfulness, dance, etc. I am looking forward to it. I’m heading to my friends in a half hour. That is my friend Norma who lives near me. She is blind and has mental health difficulties also. We try to see each other regularly. Then tonight I decided I will head to my parents, because tomorrow mom and my sister and me and the two kids are going to the garden centre for lunch. There is something on there for the kids so mom and me decided to tag along with my sister. It should be fun. I didnt end up ringing Karen to ask her to refer me to the weekend team this weekend. I figured I’d be ok. If it turns out to be a hard weekend, I’ll still be ok and will see dr. Barry on Monday morning. I’m sure I can stick it out until then.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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