Good day, parents visit and book club meeting

Ive had a good day. Mom and my sister visited, and my dad came with them which was a surprise as he doesnt often come to my house. They came once theyd picked Davin up from preschool and stayed until 3 PM. My sister had to first take my dad to visit his brother in the nursing home hes in so that took about an hour and then they came back to my house and my dad and sister had some lunch. My dad cleaned my back yard and mom did some housework like dishes and laundry and stuff. Then mom cooked my dinner which was nice. It meant my home help could have the day off. I usually tell her not to come on Wednesdays though as my mom always calls to me on wednesdays. I asked my nephew if he wanted to watch a dvd and he said he did so I went to turn on the dvd player and found out someone probably the guy who installed my CCTV cameras had messed the dvd player up and so now its not working properly. I eventually did get it to work but there is some way of doing it you need to put it on a certain channel and its hard to do it when you cant see what your doing. Anyway he got to watch a thomas the tank engine dvd and now I just have to see about getting it to work properly again so I can use it. I do have a portable dvd player in the mean time though that I can use. Me and mom cleaned out some of my vhs videos, I am getting rid of them next week. I doubt anyone uses vhs video players nowadays so I will just donate them to a charity shop. I found some home videos when I was clearing out my videos and i do have a vhs machine so maybe I will watch those soon. My parents left my house at 3 PM and I got ready to go to my book club meeting. The bus picked me up at 5 and took me to the place where the meeting was on. It was a good meeting. I cant remember the name of the book they picked to read this month. Its some book about the american civil war. It sounds good but Im not really into history books that much. But I will try it and see what I think of it. It was nice to catch up with everyone though. This book club is for blind and visually impaired people living in my area. It is run once a month on the first wednesday of each month. I hadnt gone for a few months but now I am going to start going regularly again. Its an outlet for me and a way to meet other blind people and make new friends. Two of them that I knew already before we started going to the book club already invited me to go for coffee. A couple of us swopped phone numbers. One girl told me about a swimming class that is on every tuesday evening for blind people and she asked me if Id like to go to it. i said Id think about it but I am very interested since its exercise and since I am trying to get fit it would be perfect. I got home about 20 minutes ago and now I am going to chill for the rest of the evening. I promised my friend Norma Id call her so Ill do that in a little bit. Then I need to check email and maybe read for a while.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “Good day, parents visit and book club meeting”

  1. Cool! Sounds like a full, satisfying day. Now let’s hope something in your system doesn’t get annoyed that you had a good day. that’s the way it always seems to me: you’re having fun or a good time and then next thing you know, bad memories or Ptsd flares crop up like someone is saying, “ha, you think you had a good day? Well, we’ll see about that!” xxx

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  2. Is that even possible? You say you have so many parts that you don’t knowhow many. Could one of the silent ones that never say anything stir up things and cause problems? I don’t know what one could do about it because you might not even know who it is.

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