Mentoring this morning

I just had mentoring with Colette. Colette is a staff member at the basement club, she is my mentor and we have mentoring mostly every week.
Today we talked about a lot. we talked about mom and how I was dealing with the stress of her illness. The truth is I am not dealing with it at all, Im in a lot of denial about it. Im not really thinking about what could be wrong, Im choosing to think things might be ok. Even though I do know that the possibility is they wont be.
Colette said that is a very human response, and when we are faced with something wrong with our parents its natural and normal to worry and panick.
She told me to keep reaching out and if I am stressed not to carry the stress around, that I should ring and ask to see her and talk about what I am feeling.
We talked about me going to the next step next Tuesday to try out their singing. The next step is a creative arts facility for people with mental illness. They do things like singing, yoga, art studio, woodwork, meditation etc. So next week I am going to try out their singing to see if I like it. Then if I like it I will have to look into finding a way of getting there every week. Ill probably have to ring the guide dogs and ask someone there to come out and teach me the route to get there with Nitro.
I am nervous of doing a new route, but I suppose thats normal. Its been a while since I learned a new route. I hope Nitro will be up for it.
We talked about me publishing my poetry book in print. I am going to self publish on kindle too but I also want to make hard copies of my book. The thing is I am not sure who to contact to help me publish the book. Ive written out a ton of my poetry typed it all out and two weeks from now Im going to sit down with Colette and go through what Ive typed up, looking for spelling errors, formating it etc. Just to see that everything looks ok.
Then Im going to apply for a grant for funding to help me publish the book. Its a grant provided by the arts and disabilities council of ireland. Im not sure what amount its for but I will apply anyway to see if I get the money and then we can continue with the publishing. I think it will be expensive to publish a book.
So that was the main things we talked about today. Im excited to publish my book in print. I think that will be cool. Im also excited to try out the singing at the next step. I just hope I can learn the route to get there without too many problems.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Mentoring this morning”

  1. i think you will enjoy and have fun in the singing group, even if it means learning a new route. you are a very capable person and you have learned routes before, i am sure you can do it again, even if its a bit scary.

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    1. Well I’m going to try and give it my best shot. I do want to do the singing. Singing is a passion of mine. I think I can do this I just half to remind myself that I can go slowly I don’t have to do it all at once

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