PTSD flare

My PTSD is flaring. I am anxious. Very very anxious.

I am nervous that this flare up is going to turn into suicidal thoughts and urges. Right now I am trying to breathe. I am watching tv but I had to turn the news off because there were too many horrible things on it.

Its not surprising the symptoms have flared, its getting to be night time. Night time is my worst time. I hate this. I just feel so overwhelmed.

If anyones around I could use a hug or some virtual support.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

17 thoughts on “PTSD flare”

  1. I understand your pain. I also have PTSD, but my worst times are when I’m around new people/things or around large groups of people. My husband provides a feeling of security for me, but when he’s not around I try to find a safe place. Sometimes I will call a family member or do some type of art project such as coloring or doing a jigsaw puzzle. Do you have any tools that you use to help you through PTSD flare ups?

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  2. Yeah, I think the last thing any of us should be doing right now is tuning into current events, honestly haha

    That’s fucked up, but the world is truly a toxic place right now, so I think escapism right now can be considered a valid act of self-care.

    I know, personally, I’m trying to find inner peace at the moment through removing myself as much as possible from social media that doesn’t inhibit my growth.

    So –anything that isn’t blogging, and a minute use of Facebook.

    I got rid of both instagram and twitter off my phone the other day because all they were doing was keeping me from being truly present.

    They were compulsive crutches I was getting –nothing– productive out of via participating.

    Best wishes in finding what works for you in taming the flare up.

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  3. Night time is my worst time also. In fact, I can’t drive at night without panicking to the point I feel like things are closing in on me and I can’t see. My heart goes out to you but if there is any thing I can encourage you to do is Dont Give Up!! God didn’t bring you this far to just to turn his back on you. This will pass and you will get through this. You are so valuable and worth much more than you think. You know what I do? I watch feel good movies and listen to positive affirmation YouTube meditation videos. I also wake up every morning and I repeat the most powerful words in the English language. I Am…..I Am beautiful. I Am worthy. I Am going to get through this. I Am strong. I Am invisible. I am happy. I Am joyful. I try and tell myself positive things until I change my mindset. It works. I AM Still Standing and so are you. Don’t give up. Don’t let PTSD win. I can’t send you a hug but what I can do is send good vibes your way as well as prayers of healing. I’m a catholic. In the catholic faith we believe the rose is a sign of love as well as a sign our prayers are being answered. I’m sending you this little rose with hopes and prayers that you will receive love in abundance as well as answered prayers of healing in the days to come. 🌹

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      1. Yes!! Consider how far you’ve come and all the trauma you’ve overcome. You are a survivor. This is just a bump in the road. Nurture yourself. And whatever you do don’t ever give up. Some days are harder than others. I totally understand that but my bets on you!!!

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  4. I pray that God will send you an angel who will gently touch you and refresh you. I know PTSD is a strain on our body and mind but you have come so far you will even get further.

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