My weight loss journey starts now

so i’ve decided, to work really hard on losing weight. i’ve been trying for a while but to be honest i havent put a great lot of effort in to it. i’ve been seeing my nutritionist karen o for a while now. i keep fluctuating going up and down by about 8 to 10 pounds. i could never get under 98 kg. yesterday i decided now is the time. now is when i start and work super hard on my losing weight and finally getting slimmer. so yesterday i went shopping. i got lots of healthy foods. fruit, vegetables, ingredients to make things from scratch, and i also weighed myself. i weigh 226 pounds, or 16 stone 2 pounds. thats way overweight for my height. not to mention my health, thats at risk too. i walked to the shopping mall yesterday and i could barely breathe, i had to keep stopping and it was a real wake up call for me. i’ve struggled for so long with my weight. and with eating disordered behaviour. i plan on working hard, and doing things in the right way. starting with exercise. this morning i did 10 minutes on the treadmill. i’ll do another 10 mins tonight. and hoping to do 20 mins a day from now on for a few weeks, until i get a little fitter, then i can build it up from there. today i plan on having potato, steak and baked beans for my dinner. tomorrow i plan on making a chicken curry from scratch. i dont see karen o again until january 12th. by then hoping to be down a couple of pounds at least. this is not easy for me. i am going to really have to work on not obsessing about it. i will have to have a long talk to all the alters, tell them of my plans and tell them that we are not going to purge, binge, etc. i will still have treats once a week. this is a new year starting soon, new year, new me!
I will post updates as I go. Heres to hoping i can successfully do this once and for all.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

36 thoughts on “My weight loss journey starts now”

  1. Hi, Not sure who I am talking to here, but I wanted to let the one(s) who want to lose weight that there is a great program out there called bright line eating. It is the only program we’ve been able to use to help us gain control of our weight and our disordered eating. You can find it at

    We are just reccommending this because it helps us so much, not for any other reason..

    hth, Lavendars(Caitlyn-on several lists with you)


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  2. Hi there, I am planning on going on a diet too. It’s a 21 day high protein liquid diet. My friend was on it and he lost 20 pounds which is the goal of it. I hope I can do it. I told my mother but she wasn’t supportive as usual. I don’t care it’s what I need to do to get a little bit more healthy and I know I can keep it off. I wish both of us luck!!

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  3. Thinking of you. It isn’t easy but once you find a system that works AND one that is sustainable long term it isn’t so difficult. Finding new ways (other than treats) to take care of your younger parts is the biggest battle. Food doesn’t really represent love. My T has helped tremendously in reframing eating as nourishment. I like the thought of nourishing my body and keeping healthy.

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  4. I wish you luck. they say walking is actually the best exercise. I used to have a treadmill and the idea was to do 20 minutes a day and just to make the speed faster. A friend of mine does it and she worked her way from20 minutes at 2 miles per hour to 20 minutes at 6 miles per hour which is faster than I could go right now. Also, are there any routes you could take to walk with Nitro that would give both of you a nice long walk? I also struggle with weight loss. I have arthritis in one knee and so that makes it harder, but I also need to get moving. At least I don’t have to lay down the law with a bunch of insiders! (smile)

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    1. Yes you are lucky in that regard :-), it’s hard to lay down the law with a bunch of insiders. Sometimes they don’t want to listen. I’m sorry you have arthritis. That must be painful. XXX


  5. Congratulations on taking the first step! I started my journey in July and although I haven’t been perfect I managed to lose 51lbs so far. Good luck to you, I’m documenting my journey as well, check it out there may be some good info for you on my page.

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