Book review-The little princess by Casey Watson

So I just finished a great book by Casey watson. Its a short story called the little princess. Its available only on kindle I think. It is a book you could read in an hour, but I read it in two halves because it is very triggering especially for child abuse survivors.
It is the week before christmas. Casey and her family are getting ready for the festivities. It is a sunday afternoon, and Casey sees her link worker John Fulshaw pull up outside. She thinks he is calling to make his usual christmas visit. But this isnt the case at all.
When John comes inside, he sits down and begins to tell casey why he has called. A little girl needs a home. And the social services are desperate. Darby is six. She has come to the attention of social services because a local paedophile reported seeing images of her online performing sex acts with sex toys. He lived on her estate and recognised the little girl as one he knew. He was so sickened by what he saw that he reported it to the authorities. The police went to the house, burst in and inside they found an elaborate set up, with cameras, thousands of images, etc. Darby was immediately taken into care and her parents arrested.
Casey is shocked. She agrees to take Darby for a couple of weeks, until a long term plan can be put together. John tells Casey that they will bring darby to her in the next hour. Casey tells her family the bare minimum, she doesnt want to tell them the full story about what has happened to darby just yet.
When Darby arrives with her social worker, she is shy and quiet. Casey prepares food for her and she sits watching cartoons and eating it while caseys husband does the paperwork with the social worker for her hand over. All of a sudden she says she wants to go home. When Casey explains she cant go home, she starts waling and saying she wants her mom and dad. She ends up crying for hours and exhausting herself until she falls asleep.
Over the next few days, things get worse. Darby begins to display signs of sexual acting out. There is one scene In the book which is very triggering where she tries to do a sexual act with one of caseys grandchildren. Casey begins to doubt herself and thinks she is unable to cope with darby and wants to send her somewhere else because she feels ill equipped to handle her behaviour. After her daughter Riley says that they shouldnt send her away, they decide to try to give her a good christmas despite everything. And she does have a good christmas. There are some upsetting scenes on christmas day though. I dont want to spoil the whole book so I wont say what those scenes are but again they show just how much abuse darby has been through.
I wont spoil the end of the book by telling you what happens to Darby. This book is a good read and highlights what happens when a child is exposed to a paedophile ring and severe child abuse. I recommend it to any social work students, foster carers, or anyone whose just interested in this type of story.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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