Christmas day 2016

Hi everyone
I hope your all having a wonderful christmas day. I had a fab day. Things went so awesomely. I woke up really early, like at 2:30 in the morning. I tried to go back to sleep but it just wasnt happening so I went online for a while. Then I finally got up at 6 AM, had my shower, and ate some breakfast. I made a couple of mugs of coffee and checked facebook. Mom and dad didnt get up until around 8 AM. Once they were up, dad started cooking the turkey. Then I opened presents.
I got so many presents. The first presents I opened were from my mom and dad. They got me some clothes, shoes, some face products like clensers and toners and face wash, essential oils and a defuser. Then I opened a present from my cousin who lives in england. She got me a pajamas and slippers, and some body lotion and shower gel. The pajamas is so cute. Its fleece and it has birds on it and it says tweet dreams. The slippers have dogs on them and are furry in the inside. I’ve been wearing them all day today. After that I opened the present my neighbour got me. She got me a set of christmas mugs with snowflakes on them. And she gave nitro a gift also, a nice juicy bone which I gave him after his breakfast. He gobbled it up. He also got a gift from me, a tin of treats, and my sister got him a christmas stocking with a toy and treats in it so he was spoiled. I already posted pics to my blog and on facebook. My two aunts gave me ornaments for my christmas tree, but instead of hanging them on my tree I will hang them in my hallway of my house. The ornaments are angels and they are absolutely gorgeous.
Later in the morning my sister came over with the kids. My dads brother also came over. He’s in a nursing home but my sister went and picked him up and brought him to my parents so he could spend the day with us and have dinner. Of course when my sister came we all exchanged more gifts. The kids opened their gifts first. Here is a recording that I made of them opening their presents.

Davin was so excited with all of his gifts. I gave him a ton of cars and two lunch boxes to carry them in. He loves hotwheels so most of the cars were hotwheels ones. I gave Lauren a backpack, a nail art set, a trolls mug and fluffy socks.
My sister gave me a ton of things. She gave me versachi perfume, it smells heavenly. She gave me a big set its called soap and glory its a brand name and there was about 10 things in it like body butter, a body scrub, shower gel, foot cream, hand cream etc. And she gave me a new razor for shaving my legs which I badly needed. She also gave me shoes, the same kind my mom had given me but in a different color. They stayed for about an hour before heading over to davins family, davin is her partners name, and once they left we ate dinner. Dad cooked turkey and ham for dinner. We also had mashed potato, gravy, stuffing that was home made, vegetables and then christmas pudding and custard for dessert. It was so yummy and I was stuffed after it and had to take a nap. I napped for about 3 hours. Then mom came in and woke me up, my sister had come back to pick my dads brother up to drop him back to the nursing home, and she brought the presents from our secret santa. So more presents to open. My secret santa got me a 30 euro gift voucher to a local shopping mall, and a set with perfume and shower gel in it. I think the perfume is called audrey or something like that I cant quite remember but it smells gorgeous.
For the rest of the evening I’ve been watching tv and drinking wine. I had 3 glasses of wine. I’ll probably have one more before the night is out. I forgot to tell everyone that I won fifty euro on the lottery, I do a small gamble in the bookies something like 2 euros worth on 3 numbers to come up. Well last night my 3 numbers came up. They were 10 17 and 26, 10 and 26 are nitro’s birthday numbers. So I have fifty euro to get dog food with. I was thrilled.
So yeah, a great christmas for me big smiles.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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