good psych apt

i had a really good apt with dr. barry. it was a check in apt mostly. she knows i am sick and she was very concerned about me and how i was doing. she kept giving me different remedies to try like she said try ginger, and she said get uni flu and drink lots of liquids and if i felt it wasnt going away to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic. she’s so sweet to be so concerned. we talked about allie and the melt downs she’s been having. dr. barry thinks its all attachment related. and she’s probably right about that. she said to just sit with her and let her be angry, dont try to reason with her while she is angry, she said its like trying to reason with an intoxicated person, it just doesnt happen and wont happen. so we’re going to just try to let allie have her anger and be with her in it. she wanted to talk to dr. barry today but it just didnt happen. maybe next week, we have a christmas card for dr. barry so maybe allie can give it to her. when i told her allie was angry about both her and eileen being off for two weeks over christmas, dr. barry said she wasnt off over christmas at all. so she said we’d carry on as normal, i could come on the 28th but that there wouldnt be anyone to check me in but she’d be there and her junior doctors would be there as well. i was very surprised! i really thought she’d be off. so at least i have her, even though eileen will be off. its good i have one of my support team over the holiday. she lectured me about not eating lunch, in a good way. again it was just because she was concerned about me. she said its important to eat because if i dont my blood sugars will crash and that wont be good. of course i know that but i just didnt have time for lunch today. i got really busy and forgot to eat. i thought i wasnt going to see dr. barry again until next wednesday, because i have a later therapy apt on Monday. but she said she’d wait for me even though her clinic will finish at 12:30. so I’ll see her after all which i am so glad about. i told her she didnt have to see me, because she said she needs to be gone by 2:45 but she said she knows i am really struggling and she wants to see me. again showing her level of care for me. i have just got the worlds most amazing psychiatrist. her dedication to us knows no bounds. she also referred me to the weekend team this weekend. so i’ll also have them for extra support should i end up in a crisis situation. i asked her if she knew who was on this weekend but she didnt. i told her i was going to start using an ap to help me remember to take my meds. my blog friend uses dosecast and i found it on the apple ap store so i downloaded it and am going to start using it. it looks really good from the little bit i’ve played with it so far. she was really impressed when i told her about the ap. she thinks its a great idea and said it will be very useful. so that was our appointment. i am feeling happy it went so well.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

One thought on “good psych apt”

  1. Yay, Dr. Barry. What a wonderful person! I hope she has a wonderful Christmas season and I hope Alli wil enjoy giving her the card. That will be something she can smile and not be angry about.


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