Yesterdays dr. barry appointment

yesterday we saw dr. barry. it was a great appointment. we talked about a few different things. i told her about the depression. we talked a little about coping and how i was managing it. she kept reassuring me that i dont give myself enough credit, that i was doing well despite everything. i thanked her for giving me the extra appointments instead of putting me in the hospital. i talked to her about my need for contact, since that has ramped up again recently. she kept telling me that it was ok, that its not a straight line, and sometimes i will need more contact than other times. and thats ok. she’s willing to provide the extra contact if i need it. so that was good. we had a long discussion about medications and taking them. i havent been taking mine as prescribed. mostly because of the dissociation and just being forgetful and having nobody to remind me to take them and then when i do remember its too late and i have to skp doses. she asked me to have the pharmacy blister pack my meds. she said at least hat way i’ll know exactly what i’ve taken. she also said i could move some of my morning meds to night time. so i’ll be moving my seizure meds and my lyrica to the night time. she said she thinks that will be better for me and i should be able to tolerate the high dose 300 mg of lyrica all at once but if i cant that we can look at it again. she said she’d be writing to my gp to tell him we had a long discussion and this is the plan going forward. i started to flip out at one point because she said she was going to tell my gp that we’d had a long discussion about compliance. i thought she was saying i was non compliant and so i kind of freaked out. but she reassured me she knows there are multiple factors at play as to why i am not taking my meds and it isnt because i dont want to take them. she said the compliance word is just a general term that is used and not to worry she doesnt think i am doing it on purpose. so that was good. we talked about sleep but she said since i am not taking my meds right that there really is no point is adding in a sleeping tablet and the lyrica at a higher dose at night might just do the trick and allow me to sleep better. if not then i do have phenorgan to fall back on. or she said i could take an extra haldol is all else fails. so it was a good appointment. i told her about moms medical issues. she was sympathetic and said i had a lot to deal with that was outside of my control. which is true i guess. i am seeing her again tomorrow. i am also seeing our OT mark tomorrow morning.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “Yesterdays dr. barry appointment”

  1. glad you had a good appointment. It’s good when you find a psych that is willing to work with you rather than tell you how things are going to be (e.g. do things my way or else). I am lucky my psych is that way too, though I pretty much tell her what I want to be on and she is usually amenable to it, LOL I talk with my therapist in about 45 minutes. I hope it goes well. I am hating therapy at the moment. Just don’t find it helpful at all. It’s just starting to be a time killer, which it shouldn’t be. I know it’s because my depression is so bad. Anyways, I am ranting. Hope you have a good rest of the day!

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    1. Yes I’m really glad Dr Barry takes my feelings into consideration and doesn’t do things that I don’t want. She is always open to talking about things with me. I hope you have a good therapy session. XXX


  2. So happy that you were able to get to your therapy appointment and that you can work well with your T. It sounds like you are working hard on advocating for yourself and finding some good ways to stay safe in your own home. It is great that she is willing to be available during those times you need extra support, as opposed to sending you to the hospital. That must feel like a relief to know you can be honest about where you are and what you are feeling, without the fear of being put into hospital when you just need some extra tools and support in your own home. Plus, it is good you have Nitro to be there with you as well. You seem to have been doing a lot of strengthening of yourself and your own tools to stay safe. Sorry about the news of your moms health, but sending prayers for good doctors with healing hands. Take good care of you….

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