My productive tuesday

so remember the to do list i made? well i almost got everything on it completed. except i never went to the police to get my form signed for my disabled parking pass. i was going, but then the pharmacy took forever to make up my meds so i never got there in the end. i’ll go tomorrow instead. i went to my gp on tuesday morning. it was actually not my regular gp, it was his partner in the practice. he had a med student in with him. he asked me if it was ok and i reluctantly said yes. i asked him if i could have an antibiotic for the abscesses. i told him my own doctor had said to just get one if i needed one. of course then he asked if he could look at the area where the abscesses are. i was so embarrassed. not sure why but i guess i just dont like anyone looking at my stomach and the surrounding area. probably due to my weight. but i let him look and he said i could have the antibiotic. but then he forgot to write the script for it. so when i got to the pharmacy i had to ask them to ring him to find out which one he was going to prescribe. of course the stupid pharmacy acted like i was lying and i didnt have any permission to have any antibiotic. i over heard the girl talking to my doctor and asking him some questions. i dont know why i dont change pharmacies. the one i use the sales people on the front desk arent very friendly, most of the pharmacists are ok though. thats why i continue to use them. anyway they gave me everything on my prescription, there was about 10 items in total. they said they’d have to owe me 16 phenergan tablets. the phenergan not sure of the spelling but its for sleep. it is good well i find it works well. anyway after i got everything i came home and ate breakfast. my pa was leaving at 11 and i was heading to the basement club since I had mentoring at 12. i took my meds as soon as i got home. now remember i had not taken any meds in a couple of days, nothing except my depokate. so i took everything, and an hour later while i was going to the basement club i started feeling really tired. zapped of all energy. i felt kinda out of it. i still went to the basement club and went to my mentoring appointment. colette noticed that i wasnt my self. she said it to me and i ended up telling her about the whole med fiasco and she told me to just take it easy and take care of myself. we didnt do much in mentoring, just had a bit of a catch up and agreed to meet again in two weeks. colette is going to source some info about stuff thats going on at the start of next year, she also asked me to think about ways in which i think my life could be improved. whether thats through doing things out in the community, more socialising, connecting with more people etc. so i said i’d think on it and get back to her. after i finished with colette denise the co-ordinator wanted to talk about the interview panel. she is preparing all of the paperwork i’ll need for scoring the interviewees after each interview. i hope its all going to be accessible with jaws. she also said i didnt have to bring a lunch because she has ordered sandwiches and raps and things to eat. she said we’ll be interviewing 8 people. and we’ll only have half an hour break during the day for lunch. i’m meeting her on friday morning to go through the format of the interviews and she can answer any questions i have about it then too. after all that i was just so tired and i was like i need to leave. so i did. i went home and fell into bed. and slept for hours. i woke at about 5 pm and i texted my home help and she came and helped me cook dinner. but after dinner i went straight back to bed. all the sleep did me good though because i’m much brighter today and not at all feeling zonked or out of it like i was yesterday. i woke up at 4 AM this morning, and I got up then. the phn thats public health nurse came yesterday to dress my abscesses. she was only here for a couple of minutes. i had rang her and asked her for some dressings and she said she’d like to take a look at them so that is what she did. she gave me 3 dressings and she said she’d pop in again next tuesday to look at them again. i’m glad people are taking care of me. it really helps. since i cant see the abscesses i dont know when they are weeping or if they’re getting infected. she said yesterday that they werent infected so thats good. well i think i’ll end this post here its getting long. I’ll write about today in another post.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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