the basement club, voluntary work and julie’s last day

so i spent today at the basement club. it was an open morning there. that means that basically anyone can come in, anyone with self experience of mental illness, relatives, friends, professionals or anyone from the public. this morning i got there early. i was there when it opened at 9:30. two OT students came in to see the place. they were very friendly. i spent a long time telling them about the basement club, and chatting to them. a couple of new people came in also. they wanted to become members but membership is closed until january due to staff being very busy and unable to do induction. but the people can come in every friday in november since all fridays are open mornings. at 11 AM i started my volunteering. the first hour i did data input. one of the other members denise was working with me. remember i said I’d put up a poster for help with the data input? well denise was the only one who came forward. colette trained her up today and we started working together today too. we work well together. we make a good team. we got all the sign in sheets done in 45 minutes. the second hour of my volunteering went well too. it was very quiet though. not much going on and i didnt have very much to do. i only got 1 phone call in the whole hour. once i got done i had lunch. i was very organised this morning and brought my own lunch. i brought fruit, and crackers with gooda cheese. after lunch we had community catch up. this is a group where we catch up on whats been going on within the basement club for the week and people also check in and say how their week has been. today we had a bit of a goodbye party for julie. julie is the student that has been on placement with us for the past 9 weeks. she was leaving today. i was sad to see her go because she was nice and i liked her. she brought a lot of creativity to the basement club. she gave a speech which was very nice. and we had a nice yummy chocolate cake. colette took a photo of her with the cake and a couple of the members stood in with her for the picture. it was sweet. i left pretty soon after community catch up. i should know next week whether or not i got picked to be on the interviewing panel for hiring that new staff member for the basement club. fingers crossed i did.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “the basement club, voluntary work and julie’s last day”

  1. glad today was a good day at the club. There used to be a place in Boston for similar things but it was mostly vocational stuff and you needed to be part of the department of mental health (which i was at the time). I only went once or twice as it was difficult getting there by public transportation and they had some characters that scared me.

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