Supportive friends

I just want to say that I have the worlds most supportive friends. Everyone has been so supportive to me after hearing about me not getting the interview for that job. I want to thank everyone. It means more than you know. I texted my therapist this morning. I wanted to tell her that I didn’t get the job. I’m still waiting for response but I know she will respond soon, once she has time. She always likes to put thought into her response. She is the sort of person who likes to respond properly and not just respond for the sake of it. So I know once she has a few free minutes she will respond to me. That’s comforting. I spent yesterday being obsessed for most of the day that I didn’t get the job. I’m over it now though. It wasn’t the right time and probably wasn’t the right job for me either. I need to work more on my healing. My PTSD has been quite bad lately. I need to work more on that before I go applying for other jobs. I’m going to spend the next little while working on volunteering for the basement club. I’m really getting a lot out of that. I enjoy the work and I enjoy contributing to the community. I think it’s right for me right now. Also I’m worried what with Halloween that I might end up in the hospital. Hopefully I won’t but just in case you never know. So I need to just take care of myself. I am going away this weekend for two nights. I’m going with my mum and my sister and the two kids. We are going to a hotel in in Killarney, we are staying in a sweet. It should be good fun and something that will distract me from the triggers surrounding Halloween.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

9 thoughts on “Supportive friends”

  1. Terrific self-care! For what it’s worth, I want to share an insight I had the other day. I started to think about anniversary dates and holidays~~so many triggering days. If I let myself fall into the past and all my stories, I’d be a mess ALL THE TIME. Labor day, I hate it because I OD’d. October is the anniversary of my mom’s stroke, November is my mom’s bday which makes me sick, December is just awful and I hate my bday and Christmas, St Patrick’s day and leprechauns are evil….well you get the idea…Something bad used to happen all the time, almost every month has something terrible that once happened…most have two or three and probably y body remembers days that my mind doesn’t and I feel depressed and anxious for no reason. But it’s ALL in the past and if I keep myself grounded and present, it is just okay and I don’t need to buy into old stories or continue to be triggered anymore. It’s all a choice. I am not working now either and I find that I want to push myself to be active and do more and this and that and it’s just so difficult to relax and breathe and take in all the great therapy and healing. So I just wanted to say relax and ENJOY your weekend. It’s just another day like any other, no significance unless you make it so. It’s just another grace filled day filled with beauty if you choose to see it!


    1. What a great post!! You are so right, there is probably a trauma related fear or body remembrance or feeling that can be associated with so many dates and so many events. We struggle to keep ourselves grounded at times, but this was a good reminder to do more self-care and make that a priority. Thanks and have a good weekend.

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  2. We enjoyed reading both of your posts. We are struggling to begin a blog to share some of our journey…but then we realized, we don’t have to force ourselves to write just yet. Instead we can continue to read others stories and share our thoughts and feel supported. You have a great outlook about not getting the job, and we agree that sometimes, it is just not right and despite how amazing you would have been at the job, you need to continue to focus on you and your own self-care. It sounds to us like you do a lot for others already and might not want to spread yourself too thin, especially with triggers and increase in PTSD being mentioned in several of your posts. You have a good T to help you continue on your path and obviously by the number of responses and kindnesses you receive, you have built a great network of friends here. So, stating in a long, drawn out way, you have many blessings and are giving many blessings to others…remember to take time to receive the blessings in store for you and yours as well. Enjoy your trip…sounds wonderful!!!

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