Advocate visit, the appeals process

so sharon just left. we had a pretty good visit. we talked about the appeals process. basically i have to appeal a decision not to grant me more pa hours. i had applied for a home care package from the HSE which is our local health service, and the irish wheelchair association which is who provides the pa’s and the pa hours. there was a meeting a couple of weeks ago and the outcome of the meeting was that i was denied extra pa hours. the application had been for 10 extra hours, i am currently recieving six hours per week. i’m not fully sure of the reasons why they denied my application but it was something to do with me being too independent. so basically the managers of the HSE and the high ups in the IWA got together, without meeting me, and based on letters they read which did not say i am so independent that i dont need help, based on the letters and the lack of resources they have available, they decided to deny my application. so now i have to appeal. i showed sharon the letter that was written to me saying basically that my application was denied and if i had any questions to contact the co-ordinator of my pa service. so you know that will lead to nothing. i was going to ring her but i decided a letter would be better because if i ring she will probably just fob me off. so sharon is going to put a letter together to send to her asking for clarification on why i was denied. she tried to ring karen today too but karen didnt answer the phone. basically when they denied me hours they spoke to karen. i know they asked that my OT mark do more work with me on independent living skills to make me more independent. i’m not sure though what mark can do. i doubt he can do much. but i told sharon i’d ask him when he’s back from leave on thursday. sharon said if i could get him to outline exactly what he is able to do in writing that would be good. so yeah i’ll do that. she said we’d take small steps. go from the bottom up to the top. do everything right. she told me she cant guarantee that i’ll get the hours but we’ll try everything we can so that i will get the best outcome possible. i’m so nervous that i’ll do all this work to appeal and they’ll come back and still say no to me. whether they like it or not i need help. i need transportation. i am spending a fortune on taxis to get me places. if i had transportation and was able to have someone take me certain places i’d be able to do much more out in the local community. sharon did say we’d try to link in with community services, see what is available for support or that i could link in to but i still have the problem of getting to these places. i can only afford so much each week on taxi’s. i still have to buy food pay bills etc. then people think i am so independent because i have nitro. but really i’m not. taking public transport gives me bad anxiety. especially on days where my mental health is not so good. sharon encouraged me to get all of the professionals to be clear on what i need and why. even though we’ve done this already, we’re not sure the first batch of letters that were written were even read. it looks like they were not. so yeah. this process is going to be challening. and very long. i hope it goes in my favour. i’m going to do everything possible to make sure it will.

Author: Carol anne

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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