Random snippets

so i know i’ve been pretty quiet since thursday. thats because i spent much of yesterday sleeping. i just felt exhausted and was able to catch up on sleep so i took the opportunity to do that. and today i feel much better because of it.
thursday afternoon i went to the basement club and did my volunteer work. i spent the first hour doing the sign in sheets, thats data entry. i spent the second hour doing something new. the staff asked me if i’d like to do a monthly newsletter for the members, encorporating everything that is going on in the basement club each month. of course i jumped at the chance. so i started gathering info for it on thursday afternoon while I was volunteering. i will submit novembers newsletter next week. i’m excited about it!
i also put my name forward to be on the interviewing panel, the basement club is getting a new staff member part time, and the interviews are soon and denise our co-ordinator asked members to put their names forward if they’d like to be on the panel, she will pick one member and that member will get to interview prospective staff with herself and the manager of shine. i’d love to get chosen, it would be a great experience to be an interviewer. i think its great that they are allowing a member to be on the panel, members are looking for different qualities in staff than the co-ordinator or manager of shine.
i’ve been at my parents house since thursday. i was gonna wait until friday but since i wasnt feeling good on thursday i decided to go that day. when i’m not feeling safe in myself its better that i am around other people. my sister is sick with a sinus infection. she is still working away though. she recently started a new job as a health care assistant. she is only working part time. she works with an elderly man in his home 6 days a week. she likes it a lot.
while i was researching things for the november newsletter i started reading up on the conference which will be on in UCC which I am going to that is taking place in november, the critical voices in mental health conference. there are great speakers going to be speaking at it. there is people speaking on trauma, dissociation, depression, a panel discussing mental illness and treatment options, workshops, its going to be awesome. i’m really looking forward to going. its a 2 day conference.
what else. well my dad went to see his consultant on tuesday. his consultant that he sees for his bowel issues. he asked if he’d be doing the operation to remove the leesion on his bowel. the consultant said he wants to do another colonoskopy to see if the growth has gotten bigger/smaller etc. so now he has to wait for a letter to say when he will go in for that. he’s having trouble with his eyes now again also. he had cateracts removed a few years ago in his left eye and now his right eye is giving him trouble. he’s also having trouble with his ears, over the summer he had shingles and he thinks the virus hasnt gone away yet. he said this morning he’d go to the doctor next week. its so hard to get him to admit that there is a problem and go seek medical help for it. he’s so stubborn.
i plan on spending the rest of this weekend chillaxing. i will probably go for a walk later today with my mom. well i asked her if she would. its not raining so its an opportunity to exercise. i also plan on reading and on watching x factor tonight and tomorrow night. i’ll be staying here until tomorrow.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Random snippets”

  1. wow, you sure have done a lot since your last blog! I love going to mental health conferences. I wish I could afford to go to the suicide conference but they are far away and are really expensive. I know I wouldn’t have the money for the hotel and the conference. It would be one or the other and that wouldn’t be fun.I hope you meet some new people at the conference. I always do.

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