dr barry is returning from her holidays tomorrow, yay!

she’s back from her holidays tomorrow. and i’ve never been happier.
it will be good to catch up. i havent told her i have applied for a job, not to mention that its a job in the local health service, HSE, that she’s also attached to, also that its a job working in the mental health field, I hope she will be supportive of it and of my decision to apply.
she did say a couple weeks back that she was in favour of me working part time and that she’d be able to give me a letter saying that she endorced it for recovery so thats a positive.
i need to talk to her about sleep though. my sleep pattern has really gone to shit lately. i’m either sleeping too much in one go, or not at all for days on end. its driving me nutty. i just want to have a normal and decent sleep schedule!
we also need to talk about the assessment with the specialists from the pottergate centre in the UK, it is looking like it will be after xmas now before they come over to do the reassessment. i need to see where karen is at with all that though, and what has she done to secure funding for it etc.
karen was on vacation last week so i couldnt talk to her then. i did need to talk to her because she is also doing the appeals process about my PA hours, and I need to see where we are going as well with that.
i’m pretty proud of myself though. i managed without dr. barry for 10 days. when i had been seeing her twice a week recently due to our unstable crisis period. the fact that i managed for 10 days says that maybe stability is returning. i’m hopeful. also i was able to cope, i knew she’d return, i wasnt fretting about it which is new also. Perhaps my attachment to her is becoming more stable? it looks like it is and thats progress!


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “dr barry is returning from her holidays tomorrow, yay!”

  1. that is great!! I hope you get back on a sleep schedule. My schedule is just sleep whenever because of pain. Plus I don’t really have a routine anymore so it’s even harder to have a sleep schedule I can stick with. It sucks. Hope you get the job and the extra PA hours. fingers crossed

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  2. I wonder if the others are messing up your sleep schedule and if so, is there a way for you to assert yourself and let them know that the sleep pattern rules are your way and then all of you can get some good sleep. I’m glad you’re getting back with Dr. Barry and that you’ve coped for ten days without her. Ten days might not sound like a lot, but it reallyh is if you’re used to seeing someone twice a week. All the best!

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