My day got better!

well my day turned around. thank god! i am so tired though. i went to my nutritionist this morning. and she weighed me. i’d had a bit of a crappy week was eating all the wrong things. had two huge bars of chocolate. lots of crisps. lots of bread. and lots of coke. all the things i should be avoiding. so i was kind of depressed about going. i didnt want to see the damage. but she weighed me and i was only up half a pound. i was so pleased. and i intend to try harder next week. no chocolate. no crisps. no coke. and only 1 cup of coffee per day. we’ll see if i can make good on that. i did good with drinking water for the last week. my plan is to keep going with that. my plan is also to get my sleep pattern back to normal again. my PA took me to the nutritionist. then we came back to my house and i had eggs and toast and sausages for breakfast. it was yummy. i was starving so i probably ate too much. after breakfast my PA did some housework. she mopped the floors, vacumed the floors, did the dishes and washed my sheets. she’ll be going on vacation for a week soon. i’m nervous about having someone that i dont know in my house. i’m quite fussy about who comes in my house. i dont just want anyone coming in. i’d really like to meet the new girl whose covering beforehand but i doubt that happens. that kind of frustrates me. my PA said she’d phone her though and talk to her and explain the kinds of things she does for me. so at least there is that. i’m at the basement club right now doing my volunteer work. i’ve upped the time that i volunteer to two hours a week. i’m enjoying it. i had a meeting with one of the staff about monday, monday is world mental health day and we are doing some things for that. my job will be to get some conversations going around mental illness. we came up with some words to use to start the conversation. the word i’ll be using is connection. so i came up with a few ideas of how to use the word to start a conversation including asking people what connection means to them, what the benifits of connection are, and then asking them how they connect in the local community. then we’ll end the conversation by asking them what new thing they’re going to try within the next while to connect with others. i’m looking forward to doing that on monday. it should be good fun. and of course there is free hot chocolate too which will be nice. because who doesnt like hot chocolate. i also booked my place at a conference this week. the conference will be for two days in early november. its a conference for people with mental illness. its free so i said i might as well go. the speakers who will be speaking at it all look good. my friend norma is going with me. so yeah, it has turned into a good day. i dont feel sad and overwhelmed any more. i am feeling positive and good. win win.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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