Book review-Can I let you go by Cathy Glass

i’ve just finished reading cathy glass’s latest book. its called can i let you go, a heartbreaking story of love, loss and moving on. it was just released last week and is an incredible read. this book is a little different from the usual types of foster care memoirs that cathy writes. it tells fays story. fay is 24 and has learning difficulties due to having foetal alcohol syndrome. she comes to live with cathy after becoming pregnant. up until now she has been living with her grandparents stan and wilma, but now that she is pregnant they are having difficulty coping. they have limited mobility and need a lot of help and cant manage to take fay to her antinatal appointments. no one knows who the father of fays baby is, she says its a secret. but she hardly ever goes out alone, so no one knows how she could have managed to become pregnant. she comes to live with cathy and her family when she is six months pregnant. at first fay is completely in denial about her baby and even about being pregnant. she tells cathy that she must not talk about that. her gran and grandpa dont talk about it either. cathy feels like this is very unhealthy. eventually becky who is fays social worker talks to fay and encourages her to try to talk to cathy. it turns out she is afraid of hurting her grandparents and this is why she isnt talking about her pregnancy. after the chat with becky she does open up more and begins to talk about her baby and the pregnancy. after a few weeks she has an antinatal appointment and when its over she tells cathy that she wants to keep her baby. before it was felt that once the baby was born it would be placed for adoption. cathy is surprised that fay wants to keep her baby and so is her social worker. her social worker says that although fay has learning disabilities and might not be capable of looking after a child, that she has rigts and she has to be given the same chance at parenting her baby as a person who doesnt have disabilities. so becky does some searching and offers fay a place at a specialist mother and baby unit. once her baby is born fay will go to the unit for six months and be assessed to see if she can parent her child. becky asks cathy to try to teach her some skills while she is with her so cathy throws herself into teaching fay how to hold, feed, change, bath, and play with a new baby. eventually fay goes into labour and has her baby. cathy and her grandmother wilma are with her for the birth. but once the baby is born fay doesnt try to look after it. she takes no interest in the baby. becky again asks cathy to try to talk to fay. and when she does fay tells her that she’s made up her mind and that she wants her baby to go for adoption. that its the best thing for him because she just cant learn and remember things and that she doesnt feel she can look after him. she says she wants whats best for him and wants to give him the best chance in life. she asks cathy to be with her the next morning when she has to hand her baby over to a foster carer. it is heartbreaking and very sad but cathy is with her when this happens. then fay returns to live with her grandparents again. the baby goes first to foster care and is then placed for adoption. after fay returns to live with stan and wilma, cathy visits to drop some xmas presents off and fays belongings. while she is there a neighbour lewis who is 19 helps her bring the bags up to the grandparents flat. when cathy leaves to go home, he is waiting in the lobby for her. and he reveals that he may be the father of fays baby. cathy is very surprised to hear this and immediately tells becky the news. in the end it is felt that lewis and his family cant bring up the baby so he goes to a couple that cant have kids. this book was an incredibly sad and moving sread. I cried many times throughout the book as I am sure you will too if you read it. It is one of cathys best books to date. I hope if you read it you enjoy it as much as I did.


Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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