Long but productive Thursday

i’ve had an awesome day, was really productive. got up at 5 AM, woke and couldnt get back to sleep so just decided to get up. had coffee and took a shower and got ready because my PA was coming at 9 AM. She was half an hour early which was nice. We went to my apt with Karen O my nutritionist. Lately I havent been doing good with losing weight. Mostly its because my mood is low and I just dont have the motivation to exercise. My heart is just not in it. Karen said it would be a good idea if we didnt set any goals this week while my mood is still low and I’m still not doing great mentally. She did weigh me and despite not doing good this week with food and exercise I was still down a pound so I guess thats something to celebrate. We planned another appointment for 2 weeks from today. I cant go next week because my therapy day got changed around for next week from Monday to Thursday because Eileen is at a conference and cant do Monday. Thats ok though, maybe in two weeks my mood will have picked up and my motivation will have returned. I hope so. After we finished with Karen our PA took us to get some groceries. I only needed a couple of things, fruit, cleaning products, and milk. I did buy some latte’s and icecream as treats. I’ve already had two of the latte’s lol. I’m trying to resist the icecream. I thought all the fruit had gone on sale for 49 cent for each item but when I looked today the only things which were 49 cent were mangos and oranges. I got some oranges. They are really big oranges which I like. I also got a melon a yellow one. I also got some bananas. I needed shampoo so bought that. The last shampoo I bought I didnt like because it made my hair feel all dry and like I hadnt even washed it. After we got done with the groceries we went to subway for lunch. I had a beef and cherisso sub, with spicy cheese and hot chili sauce. It was delicious. I’m addicted to subway lol. I go there every chance I get. After lunch we came back to my house and did some housework. Our PA mopped, vacumed, made the bed, did the ironing, etc. Then at 1 Pm I left to go to the basement club to volunteer. I started my new voltuneering position last week and I am loving it. I answer phones and do data entry. I spent 3 hours there and then came home. My home help came at 5 to help me cook my dinner. And now I am chilling out burning dvds and watching tv. I facetimed with a friend also this evening. I should be tired but I’m not. Probably all the coffee I had making me wired. I feel good though. And its the first time I’ve said that in two weeks. Win win.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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