My Dr. barry apt yesterday

so as i mentioned we saw dr. barry yesterday. it was a good appointment. we talked about how bad things have been over the past 10 days. i told her about the symptoms we’d been having. eileen had asked me to talk to her about possibly increasing our therapy sessions, she wanted to know what dr. barry thought about that. so i talked to her about it. she said she thought that increased therapy sessions would not be helpful right now, that we needed to stabilise and not go digging into the trauma work. she said also that she thought if we increased the therapy sessions it might start fostering a dependence and not allow us to move forward. when i told eileen what she said eileen said she had had similar thoughts about the stabilisation and not going deep into trauma work but that she did not believe having extra sessions would foster a dependence, she thinks we arent dependent on her and she isnt trying to foster a dependence, which i agree with. eileen has always said that we have the answers to problems, that we can solve them ourselves. she doesnt push her ideas on us or try to tell us what she thinks we need to do. me and dr. barry also talked about the naltrexone. she said she thinks things have gotten worse since we started it. she said she wouldnt increase the dose until things became more stable. so she left the dose at 25 MG for now. she said that she had thought about stopping it completely if things dont improve as it doesnt seem to be helping with the dissociation as we thought it might. but she said since i’ve only been on it a week she’d wait and see. she referred us to the weekend team again for this coming weekend. hopefully someone whose good will be on duty. i told dr. barry that i really want to avoid hospitalisation if at all possible. i feel its just a place for keeping you safe, a holding space, and no real therapy gets done while you are in there. in fact sometimes its more traumatic for us to go in and be in there than it is to be at home and trying to cope with our symptoms. she said she thought i was managing and she believed i could cope and if i couldnt we could look again at the options. she encouraged me to stay with my parents when things get really bad. i told her how worried mom and dad had been about me. she said i cant change that and they will probably always worry because they are my parents. i wish they wouldnt, i dont want to be the cause of them getting sick or stressed out. so that was the appointment. oh yeah she said she thought that we should move the appointments back to weekly ones again, rather than me having extra sessions with eileen. we had moved the appointments out to every 10 days. so we’re going to go back to weekly again for now until this crisis passes.

Author: manyofus1980

I am a woman in my mid 30's. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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