P.A saturday and shopping sunday

its been a busy weekend despite me saying i was just gonna chill out and do nothing.
yesterday my PA came as she always does. it was nice and sunny out so i decided that rather than go to the gym we could take a stroll to the grocery store instead of her driving me there. so thats what we did. its about a 30 minute walk from my house to the store. it certainly didnt feel like that long though because we talked all the way there. when we got there we went to the restaurant for a cold drink before starting the grocery shopping. i got very little in yesterdays grocery shop. it seems each week i am spending a lot and getting very little food for the amount i spend. i decided yesterday that rather than buying fruit in packages i’d go for fresh lose fruit. its a little bit more expensive but its worth it because the fruit tastes better and lasts longer. i am really trying with my food and exercise this week because i desperately want to lose the weight. i got myself some pasta salad for lunch and some turkey and a bread roll to have with the salad. after we’d finished the shopping we got a taxi back to my house. once we got back i got my PA to vacume the floors and iron my clothes and wash some dishes and hang out my laundry. then we ate lunch. the turkey was really nice. after we’d finished lunch she dropped me to mom and dads house which is what I usually do on a saturday because I spend most weekends at their house.
today sunday mom, our sister and us went shopping. i needed some new shoes to go with an outfit i’d gotten recently for my nieces communion which is in five weeks time. i ended up not being able to find shoes that fit. i have a really broad foot and most of what i tried on wasnt suitable or just didnt look right when they were on. i’m probably gonna have to buy expensive shoes which sucks but there really is no other choice. i also needed a handbag to put my purse and phone in on the day. i ended up buying a lovely little handbag so at least i got that. i wanted to get make up but i didnt have time to go in and do the test to see what color suits me before i buy the foundation. i’ll do it over the next couple of weeks. i’m also going to get my nails done for the communion. i’m going to get shillax i think. my sister was saying she’s not getting hers done because she doesnt want to spend the money on them. she bought glue on nails instead. she’s far more sensible than i am with money. but i like to treat myself sometimes and i think thats ok.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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