Book review-the silent cry by cathy glass

I just finished this brand new cathy glass book.  The book centres on a few kids and a mother with postpartum psychosis.  It tells Laura’s story.  Cathy meets Laura in the playground, she has just given birth to her baby Liam.  She has a panick attack on the morning Cathy meets her and after that she doesn’t come back to the school playground to collect her child Kim, instead she has her mother in law do it.  Over the next few months her mental health spirals out of control.  Cathy becomes more involved with the family to a greater extent.  Laura falls deeper  into psychosis.  Her mother in law and husband try to hide it.  Eventually one night she tries to attack her motherinlaw and she thinks her baby Liam is the devils child.  She is taken to hospital and admitted to hospital to a mother and baby unit that dead with women who have postpartum psychosis. She stays there for a few months.  Also during Cathy does respite for another child called Sampson.  He is six years old. He lives with his grab who takes care of him but is finding it difficult to meet his needs abc challenging behaviour.  Cathy looks after him a couple of times during the book.  During one of those times Sampson discloses child abuse to her.  His dad’s girlfriend abused him by locking him out of her flat, and beating him with a broom handle, and doing other cruel things to him.  She leaves big bruises on him.  So Cathy ends up having to tell his social worker everything.  Cathy also looks after darell in the book.  Farrell is 3 years old.  His mom was going into hospital to get her wisdom tooth removed.  Darnell’s mum Shelley their though and loves Farrell very much.  Shelley and Cathy become very close and talk a lot about Shelley and her life.  Shelley had been in her early life.  She wants tell a better life than she had.  It can be a little confusing the way the stories interlink but overall it’s a good book. I enjoyed it.  The main story, Laura’s story has a happy ending.  

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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