Weekend update

I had a busy weekend. On saturday morning my PA came and we had a lot we needed to do. I decided to join spinning classes. So she drove me to the gym, but I never ended up doing the actual class, I ended up having an individual one to one session with one of the gym instructors. When I went to the room where the spinning class was being held, the girl teaching it said I’d be better off if I familiarised myself with the bike before joining, as a bike for spinning is different and operates different than the bikes that I normally go on at the gym. So an instructor worked with me for 30 minutes, we went through things about the bike, how to operate it, and then she had me pedal, and she told me what would happen during the class. Not only do you pedal sitting down, you have to stand up too and pedal and there are other things you’ll be told to do such as sprint etc. So we went through all that and I did get my exercise in, and now my legs hurt so much. My thighs are so painful when I go from a sitting to a standing position. UIts like I’ve used the muscles there so much and now they are painful to the touch. My PA said if I decide to stick with the spinning that she’ll do the classes too along with me. After we finished at the gym we went for breakfast before we went grocery shopping. Breakfast was so yummy. I had sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I like to ttreat myself to breakfast every couple of weeks. After we ate we went to get my groceries. I spent about 60 euro but I got lots of good food for that so I was very happy. The kids were complaining because I didnt get them icecream, or candy. All the candy was on sale since its almost halloween, but I didnt buy any, so I’ll have to buy some next weekend for them. After finishing the shopping we went back to my house and put all the food away, and then she dropped me to moms. I didnt do anything in the afternoon, except layed down for a nap. Then last night my two aunts came over to moms house and we had drinks. Well I didnt drink last night, Liz did. She drank wine and was very happy since she got to have alcohol for the first time in months. We chatted and played music and generally had fun. I stayed in bed late today, well I got up for breakfast then went back to bed, while mom cleaned the house and my dad walked the dogs. At 1 PM my sister and her partner and the kids arrived, and we all ate dinner. We had roast pork for dinner, with mashed potato, carrot, parsnip and turnip, and gravy. They also had yorkshire puddings but I didnt as I dont like them. I had bought a cake which had chocolate filling and whipped cream on it for dessert so we all ate that after our dinner. Then me and my sister sat down at the kitchen table and first I helped her do her work for college. Then I did my own. My sister had to write two letters for her communications module, a letter of condolence and a thank you letter. She was having trouble laying them out in the proper way so I helped her word stuff and told her how to lay them out nicely. I had to work on my team work manual for my team working module. Its a portfolio I am doing but for the portfolio I have to answer 10 questions on team work, like for example what are the advantages and disadvantages of team work, the role of team work in organisations, types of teams in the workplace, different types of team roles, etc. It took me about an hour to finish four of the questions. Then this evening mom and me went to my aunts to watch x factor and have more drinks. It was fun. My aunt made brishettas and she had these crackers that she topped with cheese and onion and tomato and they were yummy. Its been a great productive and fun weekend. Tomorrow is a bank holiday here and I am not going to get up to much, except finish off my college stuff. I’ll be going home to my own house tomorrow evening. I’m off college for the whole week which is nice.
Carol anne

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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